The Future Now

For a higher level of security, we offer “Encrypted” Wireless Security Systems & Motion Detectors with built in Video Cameras.

With our Motion Detector Cameras the alarm system captures video of alarm events and sends the video directly to the monitoring center to help verify actual alarm events.  The entire process of Video Alarm Verification (VAV) greatly reduces false alarms and leads to police departments responding more effectively to actual break ins.

videofied Keypad & Designer Mot pics

Cutting Edge Technology

Rest assured you will always have access to the most advanced systems available when you choose Avalarm Security.  We are able to implement new technologies before the larger companies can, because we are a small-scale streamlined company with the ability to respond faster to changes in technology.  The big guys just started offering encrypted wireless systems, while we have offered them for 6 years!

Crash and smash protection

This feature is a VITAL component in making a basic all-in-one wireless alarm system more secure and we have you covered with our Touch Alarm systems.

Residential & Business Security Solutions

We offer services that cover a wide range of customer needs, from basic home security systems to more advance custom home and business security systems.

Alarm Monitoring

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